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The Aftermath of an Affair

The discovery of an affair sends shockwaves through a couple’s relationship. In the aftermath of this discovery, the betrayed partner often feels shattered by an overwhelming sense of betrayal, self-doubt, intense anger, heartbreak, and depression. The partner who strayed may find themselves struggling with guilt, shame, and remorse. It’s common for both partners to question what is real, and to feel unsure about how to move forward.

Furthermore, no matter how the relationship was prior to the affair, infidelity often leads to a further breakdown in communication and closeness between partners. With trust shattered, communicating openly about your fears, needs, and feelings can feel out of reach. This loss of emotional safety and connection often becomes a significant roadblock, with couples struggling to rebuild the closeness that once defined their relationship.

Have you struggled with these things in the wake of an affair?

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You feel betrayed—trust has been broken.

You question how your partner could do this to you. You feel uncertain and vulnerable about the future.

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You feel lonely, angry, and heartbroken

Your relationship feels even more lonely than before, and your emotions are a rollercoaster of sadness and anger.

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You feel confused about what to do now.

Having to recover from an affair was never in the game plan. You wonder if you should leave or try to work it out.

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You struggle with shame and self-doubt.

You question your worth and attractiveness, wondering if you’re not enough for your partner.

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You feel trapped in guilt, shame, and remorse.

Your actions weigh heavily on your conscience, and you wonder if you can ever be forgiven for your betrayal.

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Fear of conseqences.

You worry about the impact of the affair on your family, and fear being judged and distanced by others.

If these problems go unaddressed in the aftermath of infidelity, a couples relationship can deteriorate, devolving into hostility, estrangement, and despair. These consequences affect not only the couple, but also their families, children, and friends—perhaps for decades to come.

The good news is you and your partner don’t have to stay stuck in this dark place after an affair.
Healing—and oftentimes redemption—is possible.

From Betrayal to Renewal:
Couples Counseling as the Path to Affair Recovery

At Colorado Counseling Center, we’re devoted to helping couples heal the wounds of betrayal after an affair, and chart a healthy path forward.

If you feel the devastating impacts of an affair, know that there is hope. Skilled affair counseling can help provide the support, clarity, and guidance that you and your partner desperately need. Our approach to affair counseling at Colorado Counseling Center is grounded in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a powerful framework that helps couples navigate the complexities of restoring intimacy and trust. This approach to couples therapy after an affair helps you by fostering safety, trust, connection, vulnerability, empathy, and open communication.

At Colorado Counseling Center we help you get back on course to recommit, heal, protect, and cherish the relationship you have with your partner.

With empathy, clarity, and expertise, our expert affair counselors have helped many couples change from…

Confused and fearful about the future

On a rollercoaster of heartbreak, anger, and shame

Distant and betrayed

…to a couple that is committed to protecting, healing, and cherishing their relationship.

With the right help and wholehearted effort, that can be you.

Affair recovery counseling can help you heal in many ways, including the following:

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Dealing With Overwhelming Emotions & Communicating Effectively

As mentioned previously, both partners typically experience a wide range of intense emotions following infidelity, including anger, confusion, betrayal, sadness, self-doubt, and shame. A skilled couples therapist who specializes in affair counseling can provide a supportive environment for addressing these emotions constructively. Each partner can gain insight into their emotional experiences, and couples can move toward the validation and reassurance they need.

Healing Simplified

Rebuilding Trust after Infidelity

Most couples begin their relationships with expectations about being trustworthy and faithful. When trust is damaged after an affair, infidelity counseling provides a supportive place for rebuilding it. Your affair counselor will guide you in acting with integrity, setting boundaries, and establishing honesty and transparency to restore a sense of security in your relationship.

Stronger Together

Understanding Root Causes of an Affair

In the early days after the discovery of an affair, both members of a couple often struggle to understand why it happened—but saying “I don’t know”, justifying, or getting defensive won’t lead to the healing you need. Affair therapy for couples can help you explore the underlying dynamics and issues that contributed to the affair. By understanding the root causes—such as unresolved conflicts, individual vulnerabilities and insecurities, and unmet needs—couples can address these issues and work toward preventing similar problems in the future.

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Grieving Together to Heal from Infidelity

Going through the grieving process together allows couples to lean on each other for support and comfort. By offering empathy, validation, and reassurance, partners can demonstrate their commitment to each other’s well-being and demonstrate their willingness to work through the challenges together.

Stronger Together

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Actively working toward healing from an affair through couples counseling can pave the way for forgiveness and reconciliation in your relationship. By acknowledging the pain caused by the affair, expressing remorse, and actively working towards rebuilding trust and intimacy, couples can gradually move towards healing and reconciliation.

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Restore Intimacy and Connection after an Affair

Recovering from an affair often involves multiple layers of healing. Couples therapy after an affair can help you rebuild intimacy on emotional, physical, and relational levels. After establishing a basic level of trust and safety, your couples counselor will facilitate further growth by addressing barriers to intimacy, nurturing emotional closeness, and helping you rediscover shared values and interests.

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Renew Your Commitment to Each Other

Affairs can shake a relationship to its core. Through infidelity therapy, couples have the opportunity to reestablish a strong foundation, reaffirming their commitment to each other and the relationship. Your affair counselor can guide discussions on values, goals, and expectations, helping you to realign your relationship priorities and work towards a shared vision for the future.

What to Expect in Affair Counseling & Affair Recovery

Embarking on the journey of affair counseling at Colorado Counseling Center is a transformative process that requires dedication and commitment from both partners. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Assessment: Your counseling journey begins with an initial assessment where our therapists gain insight into your relationship dynamics, concerns, and goals. Typically, your counselor will meet with you as a couple first and then schedule an individual session with each of you during this stage of the process.
  • Establishing Emotional Safety: After the initial assessment, your counselor will work with you to establish emotional safety, de-escalate harmful patterns of communication, and help you understand your underlying needs in the relationship.
  • Promoting Healing and Connection: As you rebuild a foundation of emotional safety, your therapist will help you to heal and reconnect. Although you’ll always remember the pain from the affair, you can learn how to grieve together. Being able to do this can help you then refocus on the life in front of you without being imprisoned by the past.
  • Gentle Progress and Healing: Healing from infidelity takes time, and progress may be gradual. Our therapists will guide you through the stages of healing, celebrating milestones as you rebuild trust, intimacy, and connection.

At Colorado Counseling Center, we believe that healing is possible in the aftermath of infidelity. Our affair counseling services provide a roadmap to rebuilding trust, fostering intimacy, and creating a stronger, more resilient relationship. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges of infidelity to support you in emerging stronger, more connected, and more deeply in love than ever before.

Healing is Possible after an Affair
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Our Affair Counseling Team

With something as important as your relationship on the line, you need to be in good hands when you seek counseling after an affair has impacted you. Our affair recovery therapists care deeply for their clients and make certain you feel safe and heard from your first session onward. We’ll be with you every step of the way until you’re confident in your life and relationships to move forward on your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Counseling

Not every relationship works, but with wholehearted effort and skilled help, many couples find couples therapy helps them stay and grow together.

You and your partner meet with one of our expert couples counselors for 55 minutes per session, either virtually or at our Denver Tech Center (in Greenwood Village) or Castle Rock locations. Longer, 85-minute sessions are also available. We care deeply for each of our couples and ensure we utilize the most effective approaches to help you achieve the healing and growth your relationship needs.

Your couples counseling therapist will be with you every step of this journey, but we understand that healing is hard work. While most couples benefit from seeing us weekly at the beginning of the process, we work with you and your partner to set up a counseling schedule that works for you. Working through negative patterns can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. That’s why we honor the couples counseling schedule that feels best for you and your partner.

We offer a range of fees for our couples therapy services. Visit our fees page to review the list of what sessions cost with each of our counselors. Our fees represent the value of our services and the excellence we strive for in all we do.

Our ideal couples counseling clients are open to self-reflection and willing to take action to change for the better. If you feel you or your partner would benefit from working through issues that impact you individually, please learn more about our individual counseling. You’ll be matched with an exceptional individual therapist who empowers you to thrive as your authentic, healed self.

A strong relationship is based on honesty and compromise. Speak honestly and openly to your partner about your struggles and wishes to repair your relationship. Your relationship deserves to get your best efforts. 

You cannot control the actions of your partner, you can only be clear with your desire to reconnect and heal. If your partner refuses to consider couples counseling, we encourage you to seek individual counseling services. The tension and isolation of a strained relationship can take an emotional toll on you. We can help you work through these feelings to heal on a personal level.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, please call our office—we’d be happy to help.