Anxiety Treatment & Therapy

Has fear or worry hijacked your life?

  • Are you worried all the time?
  • Are you afraid of having a panic attack in public?
  • Do you avoid situations that you used to feel comfortable in?
  • Do you experience troubling physical symptoms, like a pounding heart, shortness of breath, and sweating, combined with fear of “going crazy” or a feeling that you’re detached from yourself?
  • Do you have unwelcome thoughts and fears that get in the way of enjoying life?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your bottom line is probably this: you just want to feel better.

At Colorado Counseling Center, we understand the isolation, fear, and self-doubt that can come with anxiety.  If you have wondered where to turn; if you want your life back (but without the fear); or if you would just like to feel more confident in living your life and trusting yourself, we can help!

Symptoms of anxiety and panic are very treatable—you probably just haven’t had the support and help that you need to learn how to take your life back. Give us a call, and together, we’ll help you rediscover the peace, joy, and confidence that is waiting for you. Call today: (720) 468-0101