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The Mighty Underdog


Have you ever heard of Charles James II? He is a cornerback for the Houston Texans. I recently read an article he wrote called “Heart Over Height.” His story might not “fit” the normal NFL or Hollywood storyline, but he is an amazing example for the rest of us.

Charles is only 5’9” and 175 pounds – outside of the traditional mold of an NFL player. He attended a small school. You have probably never heard of it. Charleston Southern University. If you look up “Charleston Southern University Football” on Wikipedia and go to the heading, “Notable Former Players,” you will see one – Charles James II. When he spoke of his future in the NFL, people laughed at him. He was a small player from a small school. He had no shot.

As he attempted to make it to the NFL, he was criticized, doubted, and rejected. Continue reading

Life Lessons from our Denver Broncos


By Lisa Rosen

Epic Failure & Ultimate Glory

Do you remember Superbowl XLVIII?  The one where the Seattle Seahawks crushed our beloved Broncos, 43-8?  With only one score for Denver-from start to finish, Colorado fans all suffered through the pain of a distressing and unrelenting game.  If you are like me, you can still remember that sinking feeling; the game we all want to forget.

How about Superbowl 50?  A different story- riding the league’s best defense, our hometown team stared down the favored Carolina Panthers and their MVP quarterback, Cam Newton.  Never trailing, the Denver Broncos beat the Panther’s in a stunning defeat 24-10.  Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset and all was well in the Mile High City.

One game, epic failure.  Embarrassment.  A day we would like to erase from the record books.  The other, ultimate glory.  Victory.  A day that will live in Broncos lore.

Not so fast. Continue reading

Living a Meaningful Life

Living a meaningful lifeThe Secret to Happiness

Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and Harvard Medical school professor conducted a fascinating study on the secret to happiness. Here’s what he learned:

“The quality of people’s relationships are way more important than what we thought they were—not just for emotional well-being but also for physical health. Close relationships and social connections keep you happy and healthy. That is the bottom line. People who were concerned with achievement or less concerned with connection were less happy. Basically, humans are wired for personal connection.”  

We need each other. This is both obvious and easy to forget. We can become obsessed with chasing “success” or being “efficient” or thinking too much about ourselves and lose sight of the fact that engaging in deep and meaningful relationships is what makes life worth living. Continue reading

Seize the Day

Seize the dayby Lisa Rosen

I used to wake up each morning with a laundry list of thoughts and tasks swamping my mind. Once awake, my mind would pull me back and forth between feelings of worry and hope, like an internal tug-of-war. Some days I would find myself somewhat impaired by my fears, feeling stuck in a daily routine and unmotivated to move toward any new goals.

Something was missing.

Too Busy, Too Fast, Too Much

In a society filled with never-ending stress, working lunches, and constant accessibility to email, it is easy to get lost in the vortex of whatever is coming up next. You might sometimes feel trapped in feeling you have to keep up with the frantic pace of others around you. When Monday comes, you can’t wait for Friday. Then Friday arrives and soon it will be Monday again. It’s exhausting, and when you’re caught in the trap of busyness, you know that something important is missing.  Continue reading