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Find Your Inner Strength Individual Counseling, Colorado Counseling Center

Waking Up Feeling Down

I woke up feeling down. I burned my breakfast (part of a new, flavorless diet), and I was just crabby.  I drove to the gym, seemingly hitting every red light. I walked into the group fitness room, late and water bottle-less.

This day was not off to a good start.

Rediscovering Inner Strength

Then, Melissa, our instructor, made eye contact with me.  Her eyes seemed to say, “yes, you can.” That sounds like a small thing, but it stirred something inside of me. My lost confidence started coming back. The class started, and I felt everyone’s energy around me. For the next hour, we were all in this together.

“Did you come to stand, or did you come to fight!” Melissa yells.

As we pushed our physical and mental barriers, my feelings of frustration and dread gave way to feelings of strength, acceptance, and determination. I left the gym ready to take on the day.  I found the fierce side we all have inside of us. How? Positive messages, people, encouragement, and someone to say, “yes you can!”

Sometimes our confidence is in hibernation mode. Life has a way of kicking us when we are down. The great psychologist Victor Frankl counseled:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

While this is the work of each person, we can help each other get there.

How is it that you find your own inner strength? Is there a teacher, friend, or role model that may reach you?  Can you be that for someone else?

One of our passions as a therapists at Colorado Counseling Center is helping people like you rediscover their inner strength. If you’d like to get started, schedule today!


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