Generosity, Abundance, & Thanksgiving

Where Does Abundance Come From?

Abundance in our relationships, our communities, and our world comes from generosity.

What do you have to give? How could your relationships change if you generously gave others the benefit of the doubt? What would happen if you authentically and generously gave kindness and compassion to those around you? How could giving your courage, your humor, or your understanding make the world a better place?

As we each give from a place of generosity, our relationships become more full and more fulfilling. At Colorado Counseling Center, we help couples and individuals rediscover the abundance that comes through generously sharing with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving!


About Paul Sigafus

Paul Sigafus is the Executive Director and Founder of Colorado Counseling Center. His passion is helping people learn how to love each other and themselves, and supporting his team in providing excellent counseling services.

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