Give Good Gifts to Your Marriage and Family

Give Good Gifts to Your Marriage and Family

Who are the most important people in your life?  Answering this question probably doesn’t require much thought; if you are like most people I know, the name(s) of your spouse, children, friends and other family members probably come quickly to mind.  All of us know, deep down, that these precious people  are most important to us, providing meaning, comfort, connection, and joy to our lives.

While we know this to be true, it is unfortunate that we often neglect or take for granted those who matter most to us. In my marriage counseling practice, I am continually struck by how easy it is for good people to “drift” away from their loved ones, spending their energy, time, and efforts on distractions or less important things, rather than giving of themselves to those they love.

We all can benefit from frequently reflecting on those who matter most to us.  Take a moment to picture your loved ones’ faces.  What would you like them to feel from you? What attributes do you hope they will recognize in your relationship? What will be the “hallmarks” of the relationship you create with them?  For me, I hope life for my wife and children will be filled with laughter, joy, love, and connection.  When they look in my eyes, I want them to feel my admiration, appreciation, and interest.  When they are in my arms, I hope they will feel secure, warm, and strong.

The great news is that both you and I can play a very active part in creating these feelings with and for our loved ones.  We need not be passive!  We can give great gifts, today, to those we love. Today, we can ponder on an attributes or qualities that will bless our relationships.  Today, you and I can give gifts of love, generosity, responsiveness, interest, humor, thoughtfulness, and compassion.

What gifts will you give today?

As always, if you need extra help in restoring love and trust with your loved ones, please contact us at Colorado Counseling Center. The opportunity for hope and healing is a phone call away!  Call: 720-468-0101.


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Paul Sigafus is the Executive Director and Founder of Colorado Counseling Center. His passion is helping people learn how to love each other and themselves, and supporting his team in providing excellent counseling services.

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