Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity

You probably know couples whose relationships have been damaged—or devastated—by infidelity. Some of you have been through this yourselves. Few things hurt worse than the betrayal of having your partner step outside of your marital commitment to each other. In our marriage counseling and couples therapy work, we often get asked, “How can we affair-proof our relationship?” In this two-minute video, Sue Johnson (the leading expert in couples therapy) offers timely wisdom addressing the question: “Can you affair proof your relationship?”

No Guarantees=Good News for Marriage

You may be wondering if you read that correctly. No guarantees=good news for your marriage? Yes! As Dr. Johnson explains, because no relationship comes with a “100% guarantee” of fidelity or satisfaction, it leaves the ball in your court. There are no free lunches, and no strong marriages that don’t require consistent, loving efforts. You and your partner can do the things that draw you close together—facing the challenges together can become part of your strength (as mentioned in our previous post on 10 Practices of Happily Married Couples). Don’t you find more satisfaction in things that you have really worked for?

To Build A Strong Marriage:

As Sue Johnson mentioned in the video, there are many things you can do to strengthen your marriage. Here are a few of her suggestions:

  1. Take care of it
  2. Talk about your needs
  3. Stay emotionally open and responsive
  4. Protect your marriage from harm
  5. Remember that your connection and loyalty needs to be continually nurtured

Do You Need Help Restoring Love & Trust?

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