Paul Sigafus, LMFT, Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist

“I’ve known Paul for a number of years and he is not only highly skilled in working with couples, but he is one of the most caring and genuine individuals I’ve encountered. I have no hesitation in referring couples to work with him and his team. A couple can trust their marriage to these professionals.” – Geoff Steurer, LMFT

“Paul has an exquisite capacity for attunement with his supervisees, and a very integrated understanding of the EFT process model and theory. He is able to compassionately guide his supervisees into understanding themselves better in the process of implementing the model with their clients…. Paul has been in the EFT world for quite some time and has an immense amount of therapeutic wisdom and knowledge.”  – Michael Barnett, LPC, Director of the Atlanta Center for EFT, Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer

“Paul has been my colleague for over a dozen years, and I believe his strong compassionate commitment to happy marriages and happy homes will serve you well. I recommend him wholeheartedly to families looking for help and support in the Denver area.” – Emory Luce Baldwin, LMFT, Parent Educator & Family Therapist

“Paul has a warm and inviting presence that allows you to feel immediately comfortable and safe. His knowledge and skills performing couple’s therapy are reflected equally by his passion for providing quality services. I highly recommend his skills for EFT Couple’s Therapy.” – Laura Santomauro, LMFT, Certified EFT Therapist

“Paul is an excellent listener who is not only intuitive and skilled but who understands the complexity of the human experience.” – Frederick Brewster, PhD, LCSW, Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist

“Paul is a engaging man who approaches his EFT work with a gentle heart and a soft, deft in-session presence.  Supervisees benefit from his depth of knowledge of Emotionally Focused Therapy, his clear articulation of important interventions, and the way he weaves use of self issues for therapists in to case consultation seamlessly.” – Jim Thomas, LMFT, Certified EFT Trainer & Supervisor (as cited on ColoradoEFT.com)

*Ethical guidelines prohibit counselors and therapists from using testimonials from clients. The testimonials above are from some of our professional colleagues.