Therapy for Problematic Pornography Use

Are you caught in a compulsive pattern of looking at pornography? If you’re reading this page, you likely recognize that this is not benign behavior. More and more mental health experts are identifying the negative emotional, relational, and psychological impacts of sexual compulsivity. Although there can be many contributing factors to compulsive viewing of pornography, compulsive sexual behaviors are often rooted in mismanagement of emotional pain. Several of our counselors have experience in helping adults, teens, couples, and families who want to heal from the impact of compulsive sexual behavior. Their approach includes attention to:

  • Identifying the roots of the compulsive behavior
  • Addressing shame and other emotional patterns that contribute to the problem
  • Promoting healthy emotional connection as a protective factor in recovery
  • Encouraging honesty and healing in relationships
  • Restoring personal, emotional, and spiritual integrity
  • Changing harmful behaviors
  • Establishing healthy behaviors and thought practices
  • Developing healthy views on sexuality
  • Helping spouses and family members who have been impacted
  • Supporting parents in helping their children and teens navigate a sexually saturated media environment

If you or someone you love struggles with compulsive sexual behavior, contact us today by calling 720-468-0101. You need not go through this alone. Ask to meet with Kevin or Mary Claire.