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Apply for a Counseling Job With Colorado Counseling Center

Discover a fulfilling career as a relational therapist surrounded by a vibrant and supportive team culture.

Are you a licensed social worker, therapist, or counselor looking to join an established therapy group practice?

Do you identify with the following:

Thoughtful therapist

You’ve considered going into solo practice, but don’t want to feel …

  • Isolated, with no community of colleagues to connect with 
  • Frazzled with the ever-growing administrative tasks on your to-do list
  • Distracted by the minutiae of marketing 
  • Exhausted from seeing 40 clients per week just to get by
  • Stuck behind a computer screen, answering calls and emails instead of enjoying what little free time you have
  • Anxious about reaching your monthly income goals 
online therapist

You work for a community clinic, online therapy platform, or insurance-based practice, but you feel…

  • Anonymous and unknown in the crowd of other licensed therapists
  • Trapped by the lack of professional growth opportunities
  • Underpaid despite your advanced degrees and excellent work ethic
  • Unappreciated as just another cog in the machine of a large practice
  • Disconnected from colleagues due to grueling session schedules and little time for genuine camaraderie
  • Uninspired by a practice driven solely on numbers and the bottom line

If you’re looking to be part of a team that values camaraderie and professionalism, we’re the group practice for you! Colorado Counseling Center is a thriving group practice with locations in the Denver Area and Castle Rock.

A Close-Knit Group Practice for MFTs, LCSWs, Psychologists, and LPCs Looking for More

When you seek a counseling job with Colorado Counseling Center, you’re applying to be part of an established group counseling practice with a known reputation for excellence. 

We’ve been growing, thriving, and serving the Colorado community for over a decade. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our clients and each other

Colorado Counseling Center may be the right employment fit for you if you’re looking for…

  • A close-knit team where you are compensated fairly with a manageable client schedule
  • A beautiful group practice where you can see clients in person and online, all while having a community of colleagues supporting you between sessions
  • An authentic environment where mutual respect and support are core values
  • A practice that encourages you to develop your own style and interests solidly based on humanistic attachment models
  • True work-life balance without worrying about administrative or marketing hassles
  • A team leader who provides a clear vision with interpersonal warmth and professionalism

We curate our team of clinicians with growth and excellence in mind. Investing in your success through ongoing employee training and a supportive team environment are the cornerstones to taking good care of our therapists so they can take good care of our clients.

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How to Apply for a Job With Colorado Counseling Center

If you align with what you’ve read so far, here are the steps to apply for a therapy job with Colorado Counseling Center:

What It’s Like Working At Colorado Counseling Center

Are You The Right Fit?

The best candidates for counseling jobs at Colorado Counseling Center…

  • Embody our Core Values
  • Can manage working 25-30 hours a week, seeing between 20 to 25 clients per week
  • Share a passion for working with couples from an EFT perspective
  • Work from an attachment-informed, humanistic, and systematic perspective
  • Love to work with adults and/or teens on an individual basis
  • Willing to work several evenings per week to accommodate client schedules
  • Have additional training in EMDR, AEDP, Grief Therapy, Family Therapy, or Sex Therapy
  • Crave a great life outside of work

Ready to be part of a supporting and engaged team of licensed therapists?

Apply for a fulfilling counseling career as a relational therapist in a vibrant, Colorado-based group practice. We can’t wait to meet you!