Trusted counseling for couples and individuals to restore hope, build confidence, and feel connected to love and life again.

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Stop facing struggles in life or relationships on your own.

It’s time for a change—we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Get the compassionate and trusted help you need.

We care deeply for our clients and help you feel safe and heard.

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Live life with full confidence, connection, and freedom.

Find the courage to create a life that you love.

Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, stuck, or lonely in your life or relationships?

When it feels like there’s nowhere to turn, we help you heal, grow, and transform

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Your relationship is on the brink of collapse

Do the work to heal and save your relationship.

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You struggle with life and relationships

Feel empowered and confident.

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You feel hijacked by painful things from your past

Discover release, freedom, and healing.

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You feel like roommates

Feel close and intimate again.

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You feel stuck in grief and loss

Find relief and feel like yourself again.

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A faith crisis has shaken you to your core

Be true to yourself and find a sense of belonging.

How it Works

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Get Started

Simply call or schedule an appointment online.

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Work with Your Counselor

Your counselor understands your pain and helps you heal and grow.

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Feel Better

Restore hope, build confidence, and feel connected to love and life again.

Our Counseling Team

We care deeply for our clients and make certain you feel safe and heard from your first session onward. We’ll be with you every step of the way until you’re confident in your life and relationships to move forward on your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use these terms interchangeably. Whether you refer to it as counseling or therapy, we’ll support you in finding joy and fulfillment through doing the work to grow, heal, transform, and achieve your greatest potential.

We offer a range of fees for our counseling services. Visit our fees page for a list of what sessions cost with each of our counselors. Our fees represent the value of our services and the excellence we strive for in all we do.

The term couples counseling is inclusive of all couples, regardless of marital status, while the term marriage counseling is most often used for couples who are married. We use both of these terms on our site. Whether or not you are married, we work to help you heal and create lasting bonds of love and trust with your partner.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a proven effective approach to couples counseling that is based the importance of creating safe bonds of love in your most important relationships. EFT helps couples identify patterns of disconnection, de-escalate conflict, identify real needs, and create lasting security and connection. Click here to learn more about how EFT can help you in your relationship.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is an effective, focused, and well-researched counseling approach that helps individuals get unstuck from the past, heal from trauma, and restore individuals to the natural process of emotional growth and healing. Learn more about how our EMDR therapy services can help you find more relief and freedom.

Grief counseling can help you to cope with the intense and confusing emotions you might experience after a significant loss—be it the death of a loved one, miscarriage, loss of identity, a crisis of faith, or other difficult changes you’ve experienced. Counseling for grief can help you understand your experience, come to terms with how life has changed, and reengage with life authentically and compassionately. Learn more about how our grief counselors can help you heal.

Experiencing a crisis of faith can feel profoundly personal, painful, and unsettling. When your beliefs shift, you can feel like a stranger in your relationships and community. Faith crisis counseling can help you navigate your relationships with honesty and compassion, come to an understanding of life that works for you, and learn how to trust yourself as you continue to grow as a person.

While both couples counseling and individual counseling can be tremendously helpful, relationship problems are usually best addressed with both members of the couple working together with a couples counselor. Our couples therapists can help you de-escalate your arguments, change negative patterns, and create more safety, closeness, and fulfillment in your relationship.

When needed, concurrent individual counseling can often help each member of the couple to clarify their needs, address their own part of the challenges, and participate in couples counseling in more productive ways. This is especially true when a couple’s patterns are highly escalated.

Individual counseling can also be beneficial when one’s partner isn’t willing to attend couples counseling.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, please call our office—we’d be happy to help.

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