Family Counseling & Therapy

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Family Counseling & Therapy

Although every family goes through ups and downs, sometimes families need help to address their challenges while strengthening bonds of love and trust. Families today face tremendous challenges: lack of time together, conflict, parenting difficulties, divorce, illness, alcohol problems and drug abuse, and outside pressures. Family counseling can help families come together to overcome their difficulties with dignity and compassion.

Family Therapy Offers Customized Help and Tools

At Colorado Counseling Center, your counselor will assist your family to identify where you get stuck, work past barriers, discover strengths, create safety, and promote strong bonds of love and emotional responsiveness. Family counseling offers a safe environment where family members can address their difficulties in a way that helps draw them closer together while honoring individual needs and feelings.

The therapists at Colorado Counseling Center use proven approaches to help families with their struggles. Here are some of the family counseling specialties we offer for adults and teens:

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Family Counselors at Colorado Counseling Center

Our team of family counselors at Colorado Counseling Center is here to help you. Your counselor will work with your family to find a path toward greater connection and understanding. Email us or call us today at 720-468-0101 to schedule your first appointment.

The following members of our team offer family counseling.