The Roommate Cure for Couples

The Roommate Cure For Couples free e-book (cover page)
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Are you tired of feeling like roommates?

It’s been a while since you’ve felt close.

Somewhere along the way, you and your partner lost some of the closeness you used to feel. Where you once felt happy, hopeful, and fulfilled, you now feel a little empty. The Roommate Cure for Couples was written for you.

You’re not alone.

For even the closest of couples, dealing with the challenges of everyday life can create distance. To some degree, this happens in all relationships. When left unchecked, distance can grow while your bonds of love and connection weaken.

How couples lose their closeness

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You don’t like feeling like roommates.

You certainly don’t want to end up feeling like strangers, much less enemies.

This e-book can help!

The Roommate Cure for Couples was written for people just like you—couples who still care about each other.

Couples who recognize that they don’t want to drift farther apart.

Couples who want to reclaim their relationship as their most valuable gift in life.

In this free e-book, you’ll learn how to strengthen your connection by addressing three patterns that contribute to feeling like roommates:

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Busyness & Exhaustion

Overcome the feeling of being too tired to try by harnessing the power of your intentions and aspirations.

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Resentment & Expectations

Learn how to address each other’s real needs and see your partner clearly and compassionately.

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Learn how to communicate in ways that draw you closer together rather than pushing you apart.

We’re here for you.

If you could use some support in reclaiming a loving connection in your relationship, we’re here to help. To schedule a couples counseling appointment, simply call or schedule by clicking one of the links below.

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