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This past week I celebrated “Lucky Day”  the anniversary of my first date with my lovely wife. I felt like it was my lucky day when she went on that first date with me; eleven years later, I’m even more convinced of how blessed I am to have her. She’s intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate about making a difference in the world. I sensed all of these qualities in her very early on in our relationship. Now, with more than a decade of marriage behind us, I’ve discovered even more depth to our relationship, as we’ve worked through our ups and downs, started a family, moved across the country, and supported each other during difficult times. Although we’ve never stopped loving each other, falling in love again is a good practice for any couple and it’s possible for most.

One Suggestion for Falling in Love … Again!

To reawaken feelings of being in love, you can benefit from seeing your spouse with “fresh eyes.” Ask yourself: What makes him special? What makes her unique? Spend some quiet, focused time looking beyond what your spouse does, and try to see who he or she really is, in their soul. Don’t just think of a few quick answers and move on. Find your spouse’s special qualities, and then spend several days pondering on how beautiful it makes her (or him). Then, find a sincere way to express your appreciation for the deeper qualities that make your spouse unique. Tell them you want to try to always see this beauty in them, even when times are hard. Who among us couldn’t benefit from being seen and valued in this deeper way? Seeing your spouse’s unique and beautiful soul, especially when repeated on a daily basis, will surely enliven your feelings of being in love.

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