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Trusted couples counseling to reclaim feelings of love, togetherness, and trust.

Are You On The Brink of Losing Your Relationship?

Restore hope, build confidence, and feel connected to your partner again with expert couples counseling.  

Many couples lose the feelings of trust, closeness, and love they felt at the start of their relationship.

If lately, you’ve been feeling like…

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You’re stuck in the same patterns.

You’re tired of the tension, distance, and arguments that go nowhere. You want to restore trust, but big problems and big emotions are always underneath the surface.

Roommates Icon, Colorado Counseling Center

You feel like strangers.

You constantly wonder if your partner loves you like they used to. You question if you’ll ever be able to reconnect.

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You can’t trust each other anymore.

You wonder if you can lean on your partner for support. You’re unsure you can rebuild trust and safety in the relationship.

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It never feels like enough.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get it right. You know you deserve to be cherished by your partner.

The good news is you and your partner don’t have to stay stuck in these negative relationship patterns.

At Colorado Counseling Center, we help couples get back to a joyful and loving relationship.

If you’re ready to foster an intentional and nourishing relationship, reach out to us today. Our expert couples counselors are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and are ready to help you:

  • Tackle the deep-rooted issues keeping you stuck in the same arguments.
  • Break down the walls in your relationship so you can start to give and receive the love you deserve.
  • Find real safety and trust in the partnership so you can move forward together.
  • Recover from an affair, betrayal, or infidelity.
  • Put an end to the blame game and learn the skills you both need to feel seen and heard.

Schedule an appointment today to get started.

Rekindle Love and Enjoyment With Trusted Couples Counseling Strategies

Watching your most important relationship crumble is heartbreaking. As bad as things are right now, not resolving the issues in your relationship can impact you for the rest of your life. 

Couples therapy helps you move forward to reconnect with the love of your life and rekindle the love and trust you used to feel in your relationship. 

At Colorado Counseling Center we help you get back on course to recommit and cherish the relationship you have with your partner.

With heartfelt effort, courage, and our expert couples counseling, we’ve helped hundreds of couples change from…

Empty and going through the motions

Lonely and feeling unfulfilled

Tense and lacking closeness

Stressed and anxious

Resentful and angry

Guilty and ashamed

…to a couple that is optimistic and excited about a future together.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now, looking back on a decade of beautiful moments in your relationship.

With the right help, that can be you.

Our couples counselors help you navigate this turbulent time to teach you how to…

Heart Hands Icon, Colorado Counseling Center

Respond with love & understanding

Learn how to love and be loved.

Faces Icon V2, Colorado Counseling Center

Create a vibrant and meaningful connection

Rediscover joy and passion.

Diversity & Inclusion

Find acceptance and belonging

Become a haven of love and belief in each other.

Comfort Icon, Colorado Counseling Center

Face the shadows together

Grieve, grow, and overcome.

Healing Simplified

Heal together and restore trust

Shape your future with meaningful change and forgiveness.

Stronger Together

Come together as true partners

Be there for each other and face life together.

Excellence in All We Do

Repair and reconnect

Find confidence in making course corrections together.

Sunrise Mountain Icon, Colorado Counseling Center

Live true to your aspirations

Reclaim your generosity, compassion, and confidence.

Don’t lose track of what really matters in your life – commit to creating a foundation of fulfillment in your relationship. The meaning of life isn’t just what you do alone, it’s what you create with your partner and how you make life more fulfilling for each other.

Build a relationship that stands the test of time.

Couples Counseling Works, Colorado Counseling Center

How Couples Counseling Works

Couples counseling is for people just like you. Every relationship has its difficult moments that require intentional reconnection. 

We know healing is hard work, which is why at Colorado Counseling Center we pair you with one of our expert counselors to guide you through the couples therapy experience. We care deeply for the healing of our clients and always ensure you feel safe and heard from your first session onward.

Our couples counseling process works in 3 phases:


Emotional Safety

Your counselor works with you and your partner to create emotional safety. Our first few sessions will center on identifying patterns of disconnection in your relationship and working on new tools you can use to de-escalate these patterns.


Healing and Connection

Couples therapy is all about repairing the foundation of your relationship. Once you have re-established emotional safety in your relationship, we’ll work on promoting healing and strengthening the bonds of connection.


Moving Forward Together

Joy and fulfillment come from doing the work to grow, heal, transform, and achieve our greatest potential. The final phase in couples counseling is integrating all you’ve learned. With the right tools, you and your partner can move forward together.

Contact us today if you’re willing to put in the work to reconnect and reclaim the closeness in your relationship.

Our Counseling Team

We care deeply for our clients and make certain you feel safe and heard from your first session onward. We’ll be with you every step of the way until you’re confident in your life and relationships to move forward on your own.

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Online Therapy
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Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Counseling

Not every relationship works, but with wholehearted effort and skilled help, many couples find couples therapy helps them stay and grow together.

You and your partner meet with one of our expert couples counselors for 55 minutes per session, either virtually or at our Denver Tech Center (in Greenwood Village) or Castle Rock locations. Longer, 85-minute sessions are also available. We care deeply for each of our couples and ensure we utilize the most effective approaches to help you achieve the healing and growth your relationship needs.

Your couples counseling therapist will be with you every step of this journey, but we understand that healing is hard work. While most couples benefit from seeing us weekly at the beginning of the process, we work with you and your partner to set up a counseling schedule that works for you. Working through negative patterns can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. That’s why we honor the couples counseling schedule that feels best for you and your partner.

We offer a range of fees for our couples therapy services. Visit our fees page to review the list of what sessions cost with each of our counselors. Our fees represent the value of our services and the excellence we strive for in all we do.

Our ideal couples counseling clients are open to self-reflection and willing to take action to change for the better. If you feel you or your partner would benefit from working through issues that impact you individually, please learn more about our individual counseling. You’ll be matched with an exceptional individual therapist who empowers you to thrive as your authentic, healed self.

A strong relationship is based on honesty and compromise. Speak honestly and openly to your partner about your struggles and wishes to repair your relationship. Your relationship deserves to get your best efforts. 

You cannot control the actions of your partner, you can only be clear with your desire to reconnect and heal. If your partner refuses to consider couples counseling, we encourage you to seek individual counseling services. The tension and isolation of a strained relationship can take an emotional toll on you. We can help you work through these feelings to heal on a personal level.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, please call our office—we’d be happy to help.